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My name is Felipe and I'm a 27 year old creative from southern Brazil, currently trying to do some cool stuff in Sao Paulo.

In 9+ years of creative industry, I grew up as an integrated and hybrid professional, working with both national and global brands like Volkswagen, UFC, C&A, Jeep, Natura, Olympikus and Netshoes, among others. During that time, I had the chance to exchange knowledge and meet great people at places like DM9Sul (DDB Brazil), Pereira&O'Dell, AlmapBBDO and, currently, CUBOCC, member of FLAGCX holding and IPG. Nowadays, I'm still going after what I believe about the way brands exist, using creativity, tech, innovation and cultural relevance to push advertising forward.

Besides that, I also travel a lot and really enjoy to discover new places, cultures and minds that can show me other ways to see and live the world we're in. Being born in Brazil, raised in Spain until the age of 8 and traveled to many countries made me a fluent speaker in 3 languages (Portuguese, English and Spanish). I'm learning how to survive in French and Italian as well.

In my spare time, I also like to collect music festival's badges, try different foods, to practice adventure sports, to spend time with my girlfriend, dog and friends and some other weird things like reading and discussing about astronomy, human behavior, history and philosophy. Oh, and of course, Netflix.

And dinosaurs. 

Thanks for stoping by! See ya.




/ BEST TV COMMERCIAL IN BRAZIL 2017 / shortlist /


/ Cannes Lions 2016 / Entertainment Lions / Shortlist /

/ Pr Week 2016 / Social Marketing panel / GUEST SPEAKER /

/ BRAZIL'S CREATIVE CLUB 2016 / Digital / In the Book /


/ Cannes Lions 2015 / Promo & Activation / Shortlist /


/ Young Lions Brazil 2015 /


/ Lürzer's Archive 2015 / ad of the week / 36/2015 /

/ Lürzer's Archive 2015 / Selected 6x /

/ Wave Festival 2015 / Outdoor / Silver /


/ COLUNISTAS FESTIVAL Southern agency of the year 2013-2014 (DM9sul) / 2X PART OF THE TEAM /


/ Wave Festival 2012 / PR / Gold /








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